Business advice: Close your doors for Christmas

Local business expert, Wayne Lock, warns Frankston & Mornington Peninsula business owners that fail to take a break from their business over the Christmas period can have damaging effects on both their health and their business.

While not taking holiday leave can cause exhaustion, anxiety and stress, Wayne Lock says that it can also lead to reduced levels of productivity and result in a lacklustre start for the business in the New Year.

“It’s hard for business owners to separate themselves from their business, as so much of the business’s performance depends on their management,” says Wayne Lock, Director of Achieve Business Solutions, the accountants Frankston business owners trust.

“Many of them are concerned that the business won’t run without them, or that they will miss out on important opportunities while they are away. This is especially true for small business owners, who are less likely to take holidays because they are often alone in the business.”

Wayne Lock says that the recent economic climate has pressured local business owners to commit long hours to run their businesses and achieve their KPIs.

“Business owners are increasingly finding that they have to work late into the night, or on weekends, or on their days off,” he says.“Dedicating more hours to your business will inevitably impact on the amount of time you have to spend with your family, and even the quality of that time, as many business owners are likely to be drained in those precious few hours outside of work.”

According to Wayne Lock, taking a holiday, even for just a few days, is important for gaining perspective.“Stepping outside of the business will give you a more objective view of what needs to be done when you come back to it. Not only that, but a short break can refresh and re-motivate you, enable you to make better business decisions, and allow you to derive greater satisfaction from your work.”

How business owners can take a break this Christmas:

Wayne Lock says the key to not worrying while away is for business owners to be well-prepared. Closing the business for a short period is possible if customers are informed in advance and appointments are made around the closing period.

Planning ahead and anticipating what customers may need during this time will ensure that there are customers to come back to.

If closing is out of the question, leaving your business in the hands of a trusted, prepared and capable manager or team is the best way to give a business owner peace of mind.

Further, Wayne cautions business owners against bringing their work on holiday, as this is likely to cause even more stress for them.