Employers at Risk of a $10,800 Fine

Have you ever been to a seminar and wondering if there wasn’t a better use of your time?

Well that happened to me last week when I attended a seminar being run by one of our alliance partners.

The topic was on the employer rights and obligations under the fair work act.

Given that, in the opening minutes the presented announced that Australia’s Fair Work Act is over 680 pages and one, if not the most complex in the world.

At this point I was thinking to myself “that is why we have an alliance with you and I do not need to have anything more than a cursory knowledge of this”.

Then something was said that resonated with me and was obviously the reason for me being there.

That was that all employers must to do one thing or risk a $10,800 fine per employee.

What is that one thing?

Well there are other things that employers also need to consider, which include:

  • Show procedural fairness through employment practices that are fair, reasonable & just.
  • Employers have a vicarious liability to educate and train employees around entitlements
  • Employees have up to 6 years to lodge adverse action claims against employers. These claims are uncapped.
  • Employers should have policies that set out the expectations and boundaries for employees. These should include policies on:

- Conduct

- Safeguard

- Leave

- Grievances

- Discipline

- Performance Management.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we strongly recommend that you seek advice from specialists in this field.

Please contact our office should you like a referral to our alliance partner who specialises in this area or you would like to discuss how you can prevent incurring the fine of $10,800 per employee.