Performance Enhancement – Way to go in the New Financial Year

Perhaps you recently set up your business, spent loads of time going through the crucial stages to launch the ship and are now happy to sit back and watch it grow. Or maybe you’ve been in business for what seems like forever and feel as though you know it all. In spite of how long or how much effort you have recently put into your business, it is never going to achieve its maximum performance unless you stay in touch with your business’s heart … and keep it healthy.

By taking your business by the horns now and seeking professional advice you can discover how you can make the most of your market position, your revenue and therefore your profits. Together with an accounting firm such as Achieve Business & Financial Solutions, the accountants Frankston business owners trust, you can establish a stable base and then decide where to take your business next.

The New Financial Year is a great time to focus on your finances: how they are going, how they could be going better, and how best to make sure that they do.

Achieve Business & Financial Solutions is offering clients a special appraisal for the months of July and August 2014, namely, a complimentary Business Action Plan Consultation. Its one thing to write lists and think how you could be doing things better, it is entirely the right thing to have a professional accountant go over your financial history and guide you in the direction of a solid financial future.

The Achieve Business Solutions complimentary Business Action Plan Consultation takes you through the essence of these solid financial strategies, detailing the stages to assess how well your business is performing, highlighting your strengths and areas that could be improved as well as suggesting the actions you need to take to implement the improvements that Achieve Business & Financial Solutions has identified.

Wayne Lock, Director of Achieve Business & Financial Solutions, believes that it is easy to focus only on the day-to-day running of your business, but if you really want to see the dividends you need to think about the longer-term and more strategic planning. “This is especially true as you take on more staff,” commented Wayne, “you are now creating departments within the business and managers need to be appointed. As a business grows it is not unusual for directors to become distanced from the everyday running of the business.

“Reviewing your business performance means reviewing your financial position. Businesses often fail because of poor financial management or a lack of planning. Often the business plan that was used to help raise finance is forgotten about afterwards.”